Enchant Cloth for Healing/Recovery (Spell)

I don’t know about you, but when I’m dealing with a flareup or an anxiety attack, I just want to be cozy. I want to put on my softest pajamas, drape my heated throw blanket across my shoulders, and listen to quiet, calming music until my brain or body stop screaming at me. You probably have a different sequence of grounding, recentering, and/or regulating activities, but I’ll bet you have something made of fabric that you use for self-care. Maybe that’s a pair of lounge pants you throw on after work to relax, or a weighted blanket that helps you fall asleep, or a sweater you swiped from a partner that reminds you that you’re loved. 

This spell takes one of those objects to the next level with a little magical boost. The only tricky part is selecting an item. This spell will be infusing your clothing, blanket, plushie, etc. with healing and grounding energy, and while you can repeat the spell anytime the object seems to be losing its oomph, you may or may not have the time/energy to be repeating a spell super consistently. So the factors to consider when choosing your object are:

  • How often you want to use the object
  • How often you expect to be able to repeat the spell
  • How much benefit you’re hoping to gain each time you use the object

Let’s say, for instance, you choose a weighted blanket that you’ve been in the habit of sleeping with every night, and you’re realistically only going to be repeating the spell every half-year or so. That means that you’re spreading out your spell’s energy over every night in a six-month period. So the benefit you’ll see in nightly use is likely to be pretty modest. Compare that to choosing a sweater that you’ll only wear during major flareups every couple of weeks. Even if you’re only repeating the spell every six months, you’ll still be conserving more of the spell’s energy for those especially-bad days, which means there will be more energy per use and you’ll probably see a more significant benefit. 

If this feels like too many moving parts to consider at once, I suggest prioritizing one of the three factors in making your decision. 

  • If you want to use the object fairly regularly, you’ll either need to perform the spell more often to refresh the energy OR you’ll need to be okay with a smaller benefit-per-use
  • If you don’t want to have to repeat the spell too often, you’ll either need to choose an object you can save for especially bad days OR you’ll need to be okay with a smaller benefit-per-use
  • If you want to get a significant amount of benefit from using the object, you’ll either need to perform the spell more regularly OR you’ll need to choose an object you can save for especially bad days. 

Now that that’s clear as mud, let’s dive into what supplies you’ll need and the spell itself! 


  • The object you want to enchant
  • 2-4 other items you associate with healing, grounding, and self-care. This could be anything from meds you take for your condition, fidget toys, books that have been helpful or meaningful, mobility aids, etc. Get creative here–this is YOUR spell, so even if the item feels silly or frivolous, if it’s been helpful for you, it counts! 
  • A space to work comfortably, ideally where you won’t be interrupted by anyone who isn’t actively participating in the spell

YOU COULD USE (items and tools that could set the mood and build energy, but are not necessary for the spell to work)

  • Something to write with or take notes with (such as pen and paper, a phone or computer for typing notes or making voice memos, etc.) 
  • Something to listen to music with, such as a phone or computer, a bluetooth speaker, headphones, etc. 
  • Herbs: heather (for physical pain), lavender (for mental recovery), peppermint (overall healing)
  • Crystals: Rose quartz, clear quartz, amber
  • Tarot cards: Four of Swords for rest, Temperance for balance and pacing, Nine of Cups for joy
  • If you plan to call on a deity, have an offering of some kind on hand. If it’s a deity you’ve worked with before, you likely know their preferred offerings. If you’re working with someone new, I find that coffee, tea, or wine are pretty good universal offerings. 

Speaking of deities, there are a WHOLE LOT of healing and health deities out there, and only you know which cultures and pantheons you feel comfortable and respectful working with. Here’s a giant list you could start with if you want to research possibilities. Alternatively, if you have a patron deity or someone you already work with regularly, you can ask them to bestow their blessing upon your item instead of calling on a healing deity. Or you don’t have to include deity work at all! As ever, leave off anything that doesn’t fit for you. 

I tend not to time spells around the moon or the days of the week because I never know when a pain flareup is going to hit, so if I have the spoons to do a spell, I just do the spell right away. But if you’re able to schedule times for spells and you want to time this one for maximum healing energy, perform the spell on a Tuesday or Sunday, or wait for a full moon.


  1. Arrange your working space. I suggest putting the object you’re going to enchant in the center, and arranging the other healing items (meds, fidgets, etc.) around it. The same goes for extras like crystals, herbs, tarot cards, etc. I like feeling that all these pieces are directing their energy to the center of my working space, towards the object being enchanted. But let your intuition guide you here. If there’s an arrangement that feels more Right to you, use it!  
  2. Do you have any particular music or even a movie or youtube series that you turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed or sick? If so, and if you’re so inclined, you can play that in the background as you work. If it will be too distracting you can absolutely skip this step, or even just turn it on with the volume low or muted. 
  3. If you are including a deity in your spell, this is the time to invite them into the space. Thank them for coming, present them with your offering, and respectfully ask them to bless your chosen item.
    • You can be very specific if, for example, you’ve invited a deity associated with medicine and you want them to imbue your slippers with healing energy to make a flareup pass quicker. I’d suggest being specific like this if the deity is someone you haven’t worked with before, since you don’t quite know their Vibe yet. Think of it like an office gift exchange–oftentimes the coordinator of such exchanges will ask participants to share a few of their interests so that their coworkers )who may not know them as well) have a better chance of getting them something they actually want. 
    • If you’ve invited a deity you know well, you can also simply ask for their blessing and allow them to enchant the object however they see fit. To extend the analogy from above, you’d be more likely trust a close friend or family member to get you a gift you’ll truly like and use without specific guidance. 
  4. Take a few minutes to choose a few words that you associate with recovery, or words to describe the things you’d want when recuperating from a flareup, meltdown, low mood, etc. You want a minimum of three words, and no more than eight. If it helps you keep them in mind, write them down or put them into a voice memo for yourself.
    • Here’s a list of words to get you started, but remember to only choose words that feel appropriate and healing for you: comfort, light, peace, release, grounding, regulating, warmth, security, hope, enough, relief. 
  5. Begin to use the list of words you generated as a mantra, either by speaking them aloud, signing them, repeating them in your mind, etc.
    • As you speak/think each word, imagine the sensation of that word. E.g. if one of your words is “relief,” imagine any physical pain you’re experiencing begin to fade. If one of your words is “grounding,” really feel yourself rooted to the earth and centered by it. 
    • Repeat your entire list of words at least three times. As always, though, listen to your intuition. Feel the energies of your chosen words gathering and building, and repeat as many times as you feel necessary. 
    • If it’s physically comfortable and you’re so inclined, you can also move a hand around your working space, passing over all your additional items in a circular motion as you repeat your list of words. You could even use a tool like a wand or an athame if you want to get really fancy! Make sure you’re moving clockwise to invoke and collect the energy–counterclockwise would be dispersing and moving the energy outwards. 
  6. Once you’ve built up the energies from your words, speak a phrase (aloud or silently) to direct the energies into your item. I suggest: “I infuse these energies of healing and recovery into the folds of this fabric.” But of course you can make up your own phrase, too. Once you’ve spoken this aloud, place your hands (or whatever is comfortable) on your item. Feel the energies flowing into the fabric. 
  7. If you’d like to, spend a few minutes with the item. If it’s clothing, put it on. If it’s a pillow or plushie, snuggle it close. Notice any sensations that arise or insights that come to mind. 
  8. If you’ve invited a deity, thank them again for their presence and bid them farewell. 

And that’s it! If you want an extra boost, leave your item under a waxing or full moon to charge it the same way you would a crystal. This can prolong the spell’s potency, especially if you don’t use the object too frequently. Make sure to keep that list of words you used, though. You’ll need it for recharging. 

That brings us to the question: how do you know when the magic has worn off and needs a refresher? This is, unfortunately, one of those things that you’ll have to experiment with and trust your intuition. The first few times you use your item, make note of any effects or benefits that pop up. Does your flareup fade more quickly? Do you feel more grounded after wearing/using it for a few minutes? And so on. Then, as time passes, keep a sharp eye out for those benefits fading. A good rule of thumb is to consciously check in around the three-month mark, at least as a starting place. If you’re only using your item a couple of times a month, you may still get a significant boost at that three-month check-in. If you’re using it daily, you may notice the effects wearing off well before three months have passed. 

This spell is one you probably want to take notes on, at least as you’re getting used to it and determining how often it needs to be repeated. This can be as simple as keeping a note in your phone where you jot down the date and a couple of words about how it felt to use the item that day. Once you’ve gotten accustomed to your object’s effects and how quickly those effects begin to dwindle, you can probably leave off with the note-taking if you prefer. 

To recharge the spell, you don’t necessarily need to gather all the extra items like you did at first. (Though of course you’re welcome to!) All you need is the list of words that you used when you first cast the spell. Repeat steps 5 through 7, and your item should be recharged and ready for further use. 

If you do this spell, I’d love to hear how it went and what you enchanted in the comments! And speaking of which, keep an eye out–I’m cooking up a new way to connect with fellow disabled and neurodivergent witches, and I should be announcing it here on the blog soon. If you haven’t already, this is a great time to subscribe to the blog so you never miss a post! 

Enchant Cloth for Healing/Recovery (Spell) Tiny Witchcraft

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