Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies: Wheel of Fortune

In Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies, I’ll be going through every card individually and sharing mini insights we as disabled and neurodivergent (ND) witches can take from it.

Has anyone else gone through a bad spell and wondered if they would ever feel less wretched again? I certainly have. A bad week of anxiety will make me paranoid that I’ll be this on edge for the rest of my life. A particularly rough fibromyalgia flareup will only get worse as I obsess over when/if it might ease off. And yes, every now and then you develop a new symptom or an existing condition worsens for the long haul. But just as often–more often, usually–the storm does pass and we return to our regularly scheduled light drizzle. 

That’s the wisdom of the Wheel of Fortune for spoonies: this, too, shall pass. Overwhelm can give us tunnel vision and make us question how we ever felt any different. But symptoms ebb and flow. Emotions have peaks and valleys. It’s okay to be discouraged and frustrated when we’re going through a tough time. But try to remember that things will shift. Change is inevitable. Even if it’s a small shift, things will change. Don’t catastrophize. Simply be. 

Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies: The Wheel of Fortune Tiny Witchcraft

Published by Ru-Lee Story

Tea-drinking, asexual, agender tarot practitioner and author battling chronic illness and social injustices. Not necessarily in that order. They/them or ey/em.

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