Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies: The Hanged Man

In Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies, I’ll be going through every card individually and sharing mini insights we as disabled and neurodivergent (ND) witches can take from it.

If anyone understands discomfort, even pain, it’s the Hanged Man. Upside-down, caught by one leg and unable to free themself, they truly have the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, as the prayer goes. If an opportunity arises to free themself they certainly will, but for the moment this is their reality, and they aren’t going to expend any mental or physical energy fighting against the inevitable. 

If that sounds fatalistic, I promise it isn’t. The Hanged Man’s wisdom for disabled/neurodivergent people doesn’t mean you should stop pushing back against ableism or give up on seeking treatment/aid where needed. It doesn’t even mean you have to be a good sport when a flareup sidelines you or when someone fails to accommodate your needs. What it does mean is accepting that sometimes there will be discomfort, pain, or overwhelm. Those things can’t be stopped in their tracks 100% of the time. We can practice radical acceptance by staying in the moment as much as possible. By breathing through the discomfort. By doing whatever we can to make ourselves more comfortable and taken care of. And most importantly, by not adding to our suffering by digging in against it and shouting in its face. 

Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies: The Hanged Man Tiny Witchcraft

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Tea-drinking, asexual, agender tarot practitioner and author battling chronic illness and social injustices. Not necessarily in that order. They/them or ey/em.

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