Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies: The World

In Tiny Tarot Wisdom for Spoonies, I’ll be going through every card individually and sharing mini insights we as disabled and neurodivergent (ND) witches can take from it.

The World signals the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. We return from here to the Fool to begin again. For spoonies, it can be an invitation to reflect on what a life well lived might look like for you. It will likely look very different from an abled or neurotypical person’s picture of a fulfilling life. And that’s okay. As we discussed with the Death card, we are allowed to mourn for the future we expected and hoped for. But we can also consciously consider what a good life with our disability/neurodivergence would be.

How might you adjust your career plans to be more spoonie-friendly? If working isn’t possible for you, what other activities make you feel happy and fulfilled? Spending time with loved ones? A favorite hobby or pastime? There is no right or wrong answer! The point is simply to think about what lies ahead of you, and how to make it as fulfilling and meaningful as possible.

(Audio version of this post coming soon)

Published by Ru-Lee Story

Tea-drinking, asexual, agender tarot practitioner and author battling chronic illness and social injustices. Not necessarily in that order. They/them or ey/em.

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