Visual Witchcraft for Non-visual Witches

Visualization is everywhere in witchcraft, and in mindfulness and meditation practices, as well. When you work a spell, you’re often instructed to imagine the outcome of the spell in visual detail. When sitting down to meditate, you might be asked to visualize a beach, or a staircase, or any number of other useful images. AndContinue reading “Visual Witchcraft for Non-visual Witches”

My Ancestor Practice

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I do ancestor work, but I haven’t given a ton of details. That’s partly because it’s very much an evolving practice for me, and I don’t want to present myself as a hugely knowledgeable source of info. That said, my ancestor work is a big part of my spirituality,Continue reading “My Ancestor Practice”

Litha for Spoonies

I apologize for being a bit MIA and actually missing the day of Litha! Between graduate program applications, moving prep, and a few really nasty flareups, I just haven’t had the bandwidth to write/edit much. But I still wanted to present my Litha for spoonies post even though it’s a little late.  It’s hard toContinue reading “Litha for Spoonies”

Book Review: Spells from Scratch

Being that I’m constantly creating new spells and rituals, I’m much more likely to pick up a title like Spells from Scratch: How to Craft Spells that Work by Phoenix Silverstar than a book of pre-written spells. Even if I end up using a spell from a plug-and-play style spell book, I usually end upContinue reading “Book Review: Spells from Scratch”