Fundamentals: Conserving Energy

Energy (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest hurdles to spellwork and rituals for me. Pain flareups come and go, and while the intense ones certainly sideline me, those tend to only happen once or twice a month. My energy level, however, is always lower than the average able-bodied 30-year-old’s. I have to paceContinue reading “Fundamentals: Conserving Energy”

Movement and Stillness Polarity Spell

I recently reviewed Bending the Binary: Polarity Magic in a Nonbinary World by Deborah Lipp. For the most part, I enjoyed the book, but I was a bit frustrated by Lipp’s use of a wheelchair user as an example of the active/passive polarity. Suffice it to say that I wanted to provide an alternative forContinue reading “Movement and Stillness Polarity Spell”

Spell for a Low-Stress Move

I have moving on the brain lately. One of my dearest friends, Milo, will be moving from the western side of the country to New England in a few months. And myself and my spouse are moving from the southeast to California in July. All three of us (Milo, Spouse, and myself) are disabled/chronically ill/neurodivergent.Continue reading “Spell for a Low-Stress Move”