On Witchy Playlists

During a therapy session not long after my dad died, my therapist asked what kinds of things I was doing to take care of myself while grieving. I mentioned that listening to music helped a lot, though I wasn’t sure why. She looked at me like I’d grown a second head and said, “Because it’sContinue reading “On Witchy Playlists”

My Hestia Practice: Part 2!

(This is part two of my personal journey with Hestia–if you missed part one, click here to read that first! Apologies that I’m a bit late in posting, I had a bad flareup and couldn’t do much of anything for a few days.)  As I mentioned in part one, there isn’t a solid blueprint forContinue reading “My Hestia Practice: Part 2!”

My Hestia Practice: Part 1!

(Author’s note: This post kind of got away from me length-wise, so we’re going to go ahead and make it a two-parter! This first part will cover how I connected with Hestia and began my work with her, and then part two will break down my daily practice as it pertains to Hestia. Also, thisContinue reading “My Hestia Practice: Part 1!”