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Here, you’ll find resources I recommend to further your learning of Tarot. These are the materials I found helpful when building my practice – and I hope you find them helpful, too!


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Biddy Tarot
This website is a good starting place if you’re just beginning with Tarot reading and don’t have the cards memorized yet.

Little Red Tarot
One of my favorite tarot blogs, written by and for queer tarot practitioners. They also have a shop with tons of indie decks and books! 


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Kitchen Table Tarot
My favorite tarot book on the market! If you want a straightforward introduction to tarot in book form, this is the one. (And Melissa Cynova’s second book Tarot Elements is also fantastic!) 

Holistic Tarot
On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you want the deepest dive into tarot you can find, this book by Benebell Wen is comprehensive and gigantic. A great reference to have on hand if you want to deepen your understanding of the cards, spreads, and more.

Tarot Decks & More

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Numinous Tarot Deck
My favorite tarot deck and the one I use almost daily for its gentle guidance and its incredible representation of racial diversity, gender presentation, disability, and more. 

Tarot for the Wild Soul Podcast
This is a podcast that I listened to a lot when I was first starting to learn Tarot. It’s full of great discourse about each card, suit, and more.

The Spoon Theory
A beloved analogy within the disability community, this blog post describes what it’s like to live day-to-day with chronic illness and what it means to budget your energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to get started with tarot?

Generally, the first steps to getting started with tarot include purchasing a deck as well as an introductory tarot book or guide.

From there, you can begin drawing one card each day. My book, Your Tarot Toolkit, is designed to help you understand the meaning of each card – as well as delve deeper with journal prompts, affirmations, and simple exercises that spark lasting insights.

If you’re new to tarot, have no fear! The tarot community as a whole is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of beginners. Feel free to reach out if you have specific questions!

How should I pick my tarot deck?

These days, there are so many tarot decks to choose from! As you browse, you’ll find intricately illustrated options as well as minimalist, modern designs.

A popular tarot deck that’s considered the “classic” version is the Waite-Smith deck, often called the Rider-Waite deck. This deck was illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith and published by the Rider Company in 1909.

Is it true that you shouldn’t buy your first tarot deck yourself?

In short – I will always recommend that you do what feels best for you!

While you may have heard that your first tarot deck should be a gift, many tarot practitioners disregard this superstition. After all, learning tarot can be a key piece of a meaningful inner journey. This type of introspection often requires us to take our own actionable steps, moving forward with confidence in our feelings and choices.

What better way to start the journey than by choosing and purchasing the deck that speaks to you?

Who even are you, anyway?

Great question! I’m Ru-Lee. I am a nonbinary and disabled author, tarot practitioner, and tea enthusiast. I have nearly half a decade of experience reading tarot for myself and others, professionally and for fun.

I’m also a certified spiritual coach through the Life Purpose Institute, and my goal is to become a Unitarian Universalist chaplain. My background includes formal training as a playwright – and the experience of having my plays fully produced has taught me that writing can come to life in a myriad of ways.

My passion lies wherever spirituality and storytelling connect. For that reason, I love helping people of all experience levels delve deeper into tarot through the lenses of self-discovery, inclusion, and community.

In my spare time, you can find me relaxing with my goofy spouse Benjamin and my even goofier cat Frisk, reading, and playing videogames.