Fundamentals: Your Magical Team

We all hear constantly that it “takes a village,” right? It’s true for all of us, but especially those of us in the disabled/neurodivergent communities. We might rely on a loved one or health aide to assist us with physical tasks that are too painful, tiring, or just straight up not possible for us. WeContinue reading “Fundamentals: Your Magical Team”

Visual Witchcraft for Non-visual Witches

Visualization is everywhere in witchcraft, and in mindfulness and meditation practices, as well. When you work a spell, you’re often instructed to imagine the outcome of the spell in visual detail. When sitting down to meditate, you might be asked to visualize a beach, or a staircase, or any number of other useful images. AndContinue reading “Visual Witchcraft for Non-visual Witches”

My Ancestor Practice

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I do ancestor work, but I haven’t given a ton of details. That’s partly because it’s very much an evolving practice for me, and I don’t want to present myself as a hugely knowledgeable source of info. That said, my ancestor work is a big part of my spirituality,Continue reading “My Ancestor Practice”

Fundamentals: Conserving Energy

Energy (or lack thereof) is one of the biggest hurdles to spellwork and rituals for me. Pain flareups come and go, and while the intense ones certainly sideline me, those tend to only happen once or twice a month. My energy level, however, is always lower than the average able-bodied 30-year-old’s. I have to paceContinue reading “Fundamentals: Conserving Energy”

Meditation: Body Centering after an Appointment

My connection with my body is what I’d call “tenuous” at best. Years of constant chronic pain, as well as doctors dismissing my symptoms and telling me I was overreacting, have subconsciously taught me to distance my waking mind from the flesh and bones I inhabit. My favorite moments are the ones when I’m soContinue reading “Meditation: Body Centering after an Appointment”

On Witchy Playlists

During a therapy session not long after my dad died, my therapist asked what kinds of things I was doing to take care of myself while grieving. I mentioned that listening to music helped a lot, though I wasn’t sure why. She looked at me like I’d grown a second head and said, “Because it’sContinue reading “On Witchy Playlists”