Fundamentals: Your Magical Team

We all hear constantly that it “takes a village,” right? It’s true for all of us, but especially those of us in the disabled/neurodivergent communities. We might rely on a loved one or health aide to assist us with physical tasks that are too painful, tiring, or just straight up not possible for us. WeContinue reading “Fundamentals: Your Magical Team”

My Ancestor Practice

I’ve mentioned on several occasions that I do ancestor work, but I haven’t given a ton of details. That’s partly because it’s very much an evolving practice for me, and I don’t want to present myself as a hugely knowledgeable source of info. That said, my ancestor work is a big part of my spirituality,Continue reading “My Ancestor Practice”

Ritual: Meet and Honor Disabled/Neurodivergent Ancestors

So full disclosure, I originally slated this post for just before March because I had read that March is Disability Awareness Month in the US. Then when I came back to actually write the post, I did a bit of research and it turns out…that may or may not be accurate? Basically in 1987 thereContinue reading “Ritual: Meet and Honor Disabled/Neurodivergent Ancestors”