Yule for the Spoonie

Yule begins on December 21st, and of course it is side-by-side with several other winter holidays and festivities! No matter which holidays you celebrate at this time of year, no matter how or if you mark the occasion, this is a time of year that speaks to embracing and celebrating the light that our lovedContinue reading “Yule for the Spoonie”

My Hestia Practice: Part 2!

(This is part two of my personal journey with Hestia–if you missed part one, click here to read that first! Apologies that I’m a bit late in posting, I had a bad flareup and couldn’t do much of anything for a few days.)  As I mentioned in part one, there isn’t a solid blueprint forContinue reading “My Hestia Practice: Part 2!”

My Hestia Practice: Part 1!

(Author’s note: This post kind of got away from me length-wise, so we’re going to go ahead and make it a two-parter! This first part will cover how I connected with Hestia and began my work with her, and then part two will break down my daily practice as it pertains to Hestia. Also, thisContinue reading “My Hestia Practice: Part 1!”

Ritual: Turn your Mobility Aid into a Wand, Staff, or Chariot

There is so much shame and fear associated with mobility aids in our culture. If you’re capable of standing and walking at all, you’re told that mobility aids aren’t for you. “Why on earth would you limit yourself and let your illness win when you can and should be strengthening your legs?” (Sarcasm there.) IfContinue reading “Ritual: Turn your Mobility Aid into a Wand, Staff, or Chariot”

Tarot Spread: What Does My Body Need?

Tarot cards are often used for messages, right? Sometimes we use them to tune into something outside ourselves: spirits, ancestors, deities, even the Universe itself. Other times we use them to turn deeply inward, seeking messages from our intuition, our subconscious, our memory. But have you ever used your tarot deck to receive a messageContinue reading “Tarot Spread: What Does My Body Need?”