Visual Witchcraft for Non-visual Witches

Visualization is everywhere in witchcraft, and in mindfulness and meditation practices, as well. When you work a spell, you’re often instructed to imagine the outcome of the spell in visual detail. When sitting down to meditate, you might be asked to visualize a beach, or a staircase, or any number of other useful images. AndContinue reading “Visual Witchcraft for Non-visual Witches”

Meditation: Body Centering after an Appointment

My connection with my body is what I’d call “tenuous” at best. Years of constant chronic pain, as well as doctors dismissing my symptoms and telling me I was overreacting, have subconsciously taught me to distance my waking mind from the flesh and bones I inhabit. My favorite moments are the ones when I’m soContinue reading “Meditation: Body Centering after an Appointment”