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Image description: front cover of "Your Tarot Toolkit:" Simple Activities for Your Daily Practice. Pictured is a wooden toolbox filled with Tarot supplies and related items.

Your Tarot Toolkit is a companion for the tarot practitioner who wants to take their daily practice beyond the act of drawing a card.

For every card in the Rider-Waite system of tarot, this book provides affirmations, reflection questions for journaling, and hands-on activities.

As I put Your Daily Tarot Toolkit together, I sought to create a handbook that is as accessible as it is practical. For example, suggested activities that involve physical activity always offer an alternative for those of us who have significant physical limitations.

Each tarot card tells a story this book will guide you through the process of translating those stories into meaningful understanding and action.

Your Tarot Toolkit will lead you to new insights and new ways to carry your tarot practice into your life – while embracing yourself exactly as you are.